Being Called the N Word

What Black people secretly know about certain people

Heading towards Century City mall in Los Angeles, I changed lanes quickly and cut a car off. Oops! I wasn’t paying attention. I waved apologetically into my rear view and noticed the car behind me deciding to make an abrupt lane change pulling up to my right. I glanced over to wave again “my bad” just as a young white male driver in his Century-City crisp white collared shirt appeared to half-glance at me with no real reaction. We awkwardly sat at the red light. When it turned green, he gassed-it forward as he SPIT A WAD at me. His spit missed my half-open passenger window and landed with a splat on my windshield. So gross. WHO DOES THAT?! (Also, how? But maybe he was chipmunking some bottled water and moved on impulse. Dunno). He zoomed off and I was too stunned and too busy trying not to rear end anyone while trying to look/ID this fool. Do I know if he was a racist? Nope. He was definitely an a***#&!@ though.

I’ve been called the N word before (yes, even here in sunny liberal southern California). Racists are everywhere. They even wear suits. When Essence magazine did a study last summer, they found that 45% of Black women say that the workplace is where they experience racism the most… the most.

If given the chance , Black people KNOW (we just know) that there are some people who really wish they could openly still call Black people the N word. There are, of course, those who do.

This weekend, I will undoubtedly be speaking with some of them when I phone bank for Karen Carter Peterson — who is running for the House of Representatives in the second district of Louisiana (New Orleans to Baton Rouge). Why do I know this? Because a good friend has already started phone-banking for #KCP and she’s already enduring it. I believe the Louisiana resident she spoke with said they would not be voting for that “n’gr”. Oh word?!? Okay dude.

What’s that sound you hear? Oh nothing, just me RUNNING TO SIGN UP to phone bank for Karen Carter Peterson. Because a Black woman in a red state with these fools? Why yes, I’ve got your back sis. Won’t you have her back too? Sign up HERE to phone bank for KCP for Congress because we already know we #winwithBlackwomen #whenweallvote.

29 days until the special election. Time to get to work.