Saving Our Democracy

In thirty days, Louisiana voters have another big decision to make.

With a congressional seat left open — due to a Biden administration appointment — Louisiana voters will now decide who will represent them in the second district; sending that person to the House of Representatives.

Time to turn our collective attention to the ONE WOMAN that Stacey Abrams wants to land that job; and for whom she is launching a Fair Fight (see what I did there :) to help get her elected to that seat. Her name is Karen Carter Peterson and here’s some of what you should know about her.

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Years (literal years) after Hurricane Katrina, when money had reached her state but not her people, Peterson held state government officials accountable until finally they released the funds into the community. Baller!

When Louisiana’s Republican Governor refused to expand health care in the state, Peterson demanded the state expand Medicaid and guess what? She got it DONE and so much more.

This is a special election and voter engagement is especially key.

Would a high performing athlete wait for the week of the NBA Finals, their Wimbledon match, or the World Series to begin eating right and conditioning their bodies to win? Nope. They use every opportunity in between, on the off season, to essentially... stay ready.

We’ve got an opportunity to stay ready to support/save American democracy by helping the right people — like Karen Carter Peterson, former member of the Obama White House Health Care Taskforce — get elected into powerful seats… and then working like mad in upcoming elections to help them keep those seats.

So… let’s phone bank our fellow Americans in Louisiana, let’s call our family members or personal buddies in the Bayou to encourage them to the polls for #KCP and let’s contribute in whatever way possible. Why? Because… as we’ve learned (or may have always known) we #winwithBlackwomen #whenweallvote. Let’s do this. Let’s GOOOO!



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Michele Barnwell

Michele Barnwell

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